Navy Embroidered Visor

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Walmart Employee
Rating: 3

I got this as a gift for someone I work with at walmart. I recieved it within 1-2 weeks of ordering and was happily surprised. I was told by another employee that it takes almost a month but that was not the case for me. When it arrived I quickly tore open the package to see the inside. I was a little surprised by the feeling of the visor. It was not what I was expecting. It is almost like rain coat material on the outside with an almost sweat band feeling around the straps. I expected a softer material like most visors(like cotton or a mixed fabric) If you have tons of hair or a larger head this is perfect for you. If you have straight hair and a normal sized head it wont feel quite right. Its a little bulky and hard to fit it the way she liked. She settled with how it looks for now and after the visor is broken in for a bit longer I will update my review. I believe as time goes on it will soften up and form to her head a little better (as most clothes do)

Rating: 5